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CKB The King of Character

CKB is a world-class choice for food and non-food products and beverages. This strong kraft back board provides exceptional stiffness and strength combined with great runnability and printing quality in both rotogravure and offset printing.

Besides being a renewable and recyclable material, CKB has a natural appearance thanks to its brown reverse. Light yet strong and full of character, CKB is an attractive and competitive material for a wide range of end-use applications, including:

  • Dry, chilled and frozen food
  • Chocolate
  • Wine and spirits
  • Multipack and carrier solutions

CKB Carrier provides maximum strength and protection in the most demanding conditions. CKB Carrier has an increased tear resistance, bending stiffness and highly impressive tensile and burst strength. In addition, CKB Carrier offers smoothness and gloss that makes brand extension easy and effective.

An economical and versatile multi-pack end use solution

From refreshing soft drinks to healthy yoghurts, consumers love the feel of a multi-pack bargain, and the packaging they touch is their first crucial contact with your brand.

You need a variety of board multi-packaging solutions that are proven to be resilient. CKB Karneoli (Technical specification.pdf) is a less weight high yield cost effective option that will retain its stiffness in moist conditions, and has been engineered to meet the packaging requirements of frozen and chilled food during storage and transportation.

Hard sizing and a high natural wet strength combine to effectively reduce packaging damage during storage, ensuring your product is pristine on contact with the consumer. The powerful shelf presence and polymer coating option make your product easier to differentiate in today’s competitive marketplace.

CKB Karneoli also complies with international food safety standards for consumer peace of mind.

Application examples