The renewable materials company

Your partner in sustainable solutions

Big, global trends are shaping the world and the way people consume. Sustainable forestry-based business is needed more than ever. Stora Enso’s products are based on renewable materials. Products made from renewable raw materials play a powerful role in responsible global consumption. They have a smaller environmental footprint and can be used to replace products made from non-renewable materials. At the end of its life, renewable packaging can be recycled.

Stora Enso is committed to act with high sustainability standards in China. Our operations in Guangxi are a major part of emerging local industrial clusters around our mills and tree plantations. Our investments in capacity building and local sourcing, local nature conservation, agro-forestry programmes, and income generation projects in local communities all provide examples of ways we are supporting cluster development and shared value creation in the region. Did you know? We have granted 2.1 M RMB for community development in Guangxi.

Our approach

Sustainability at Stora Enso is divided into nine focus areas with human rights integrated in all of them. Our understanding of social sustainability covers  employees and wider workforce, community and business ethics. Environmental sustainability includes materials, water and energy, carbon dioxide as well as forests, plantations and land use. Our economic sustainability is based on how we work with our customers, suppliers and investors. Our ultimate goal is to ensure a positive total contribution to society.