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Forest and Land Use

The demands of the growing population mean that we must strive to use land increasingly efficiently
and produce more from less, in terms of natural resource use. Stora Enso practises and promotes economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable forest and tree plantation management. Certified traceability systems are effectively used to report the origin of wood. Legality, traceability and full transparency in the supply chain are very important to everybody in the packaging supply chain.

Economic sustainability involves ensuring that forest operations remain viable. Social sustainability involves human and labour rights, health and safety issues, the fair distribution of economic benefits, the multiple use of forests, and the protection of sites with historical, social, or cultural importance. Environmental priorities in sustainable forestry include the conservation of biodiversity, soil protection, and preserving the quality and quantity of water resources.

Responsible and effective land use

Stora Enso keeps track of progress on land use efficiency with a KPI that measures the increase in the average volume of fibre produced per hectare in certified tree plantations owned and managed by Stora Enso. The target is to increase this average by 25% by the end of 2020 compared to the baseline figure for 2014.

Correction of land contracts in Guangxi

Stora Enso leases lands with a total area of 86 236 hectares in four regions of Guangxi, of which 37% consists of social lands leased from village collectives, individual households, and local forest farms. In many cases these social lands have been previously subleased, sometimes repeatedly, resulting in chains of subleases. Stora Enso has been reviewing and correcting land lease contracts in Guangxi since 2009, when irregularities in the contract chains were first discovered. The extensive legal screening and correction process that followed is still ongoing, with the goal to have 100% of contracts corrected.