The renewable materials company

People and Ethics

Human rights

Respect and support for human rights is a top priority for Stora Enso across our operations. We strive to align our human rights work and commitment with The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Stora Enso’s human rights approach not only covers our own employees but also extends to on-site contractors, external suppliers of materials and services, business partners, communities living near our operations, and other relevant stakeholders.

Key issues identified in the human rights assessment for Stora Enso’s Guangxi operations include:

  • Improving security arrangements
  • Enhancing log loading and transportation
  • Ensuring responsible procurement procedures related to the mill construction
  • Addressing human rights issues for migrant workers in contractors’ operations
  • Ensuring decent living conditions for contractors’ employees in forestry camps and on the mill construction site
  • Managing risks related to corruption and bribery

Ethics and compliance

We believe that an ethical approach will lead to successful business, foster accountability, and enhance our good reputation. Our Ethics and Compliance function focuses on the key areas in our Ethics and Compliance Programme: top level commitment, improved communication and training, further effort in risk areas, and the development of our grievance mechanisms. All our actions aim to strengthen our organisational culture which encourages our employees and stakeholders to take part in open and honest discussions on ethical issues related to Stora Enso.

Work safety

We strive to become an accident-free workplace. Our efforts to achieve this goal begin from the moment we start work every morning. Our management play a crucial role in shaping our safety culture, but each and every employee has the responsibility to make every workday an accident-free day.

Responsible sourcing

We source a wide range of raw materials, products, and services to support our business. These raw materials and products include our principal fibre source wood, but also other materials and services such as chemicals, fillers, energy, fuels, spare parts, maintenance, logistics, and IT services.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) was launched in 2014 to ensure responsible sourcing. It is an integral part of forming contracts between Stora Enso and our suppliers. We support and also train our purchasers and suppliers on responsible sourcing and regularly visit, assess and audit suppliers.